Here are some benefits you gain from wearing the wedding ears and buttons on your honeymoon at Disney parks
Some will let you cut to the front of the line. Give you fast passes. Everyone will wish you congratsCharacters you meet will give you special treatmentFree dessert at places to eat They’ll give you free signed stuff from Characters People in the park will wish you congrats (much like the happy birthday) People are even known to give you gifts when they see you like pins and such. Let the hotel you are staying at know and they will give you free stuff. If people want let them know where your staying and they can send stuff to the hotel. Sometimes you’ll also get a free upgraded room if you tell them its your honeymoon.
When you make a reservations to eat anywhere tell them its your honeymoon and you’ll get things and special treatment.
Sometimes you’ll get free drinks. but most of all take it slow and enjoy your time together hang out be in love, Just have fun.
How adorable is this set up?

Wedding Decor
There is something so beautiful about the big red barn.
Such a cute, simple little touch.

I loooove hoI loooove how he’s holding her dress :). So adorable.
Such a pretty, beachy feel